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Grading Image

How do we grade? There are multiple grading sources for both comics (ex. CGC) and video games available for comparison, we use an A,B,C,X system. We use this both for our tradein buying prices and for our sales, as many of our collectibles vary greatly in price depending on the condition. You may see a letter or series of three letters next to the item you are viewing. The break down is as follows:

A- Excellent (Mint, Like New, New) 100-80
B- Good (Not new but no defects) 80-40
C- Okay (Average used/worn item) 40-0
X- Missing or Not Included (Many new games do not include an instruction booklet on release)

Most new items will simply be graded A. When you look through the retro games you will see three letters; first is the disc or cartridge, second is the box or case, and third is any extras like a manual. A new game may be AAA, a retro game missing a manual may be BBX.

Grade Scale

Site Errors

Customers who purchase items that they are dissatisfied with due to factually inaccurate descriptions are eligible for a refund. Please contact customer service for an RMA. We are not responsible for pricing errors. In the event of an erroneous price being displayed we will cancel any orders associated with it and send an updated total to the customer for approval.

Stock Imagery

Please be aware that much of the imagery on this website are publically-available stock images. Items, especially pre-owned items, will have a grade associated with the item so you have a clear understanding of the condition. If you have questions on an item, feel free to contact us, especially for rarer harder to find items we have no problem taking additional pictures in our store to send you.


Returns accepted for items in the same quality they were shipped out in within 30 days. For any reason except defective merchandise, customer would pay for return shipping and a 15% restocking fee would apply. We do not accept returns of used video games for any reason other than defective merchandise. In cases of defective merchandise we will pay return shipping, unless we find the merchandise was not defective, in which case the customer will be charged the full price of return shipping.

Privacy and Security

All personal information given to neonbomb.com or any representatives of neonbomb.com will be kept completely private, will only be shared with agencies necessary to our transaction (i.e. credit card processor, postal service) and will not be sold for any reason. We take your privacy seriously.