Are you looking to trade in your nerd stuff for either cash or store credit?

  1. We are interested in any nerdy stuff, but may not be interested in certain items at a time (ex. we may not be buying certain card games if our stock is full)
  2. We can offer you a cash price or a higher store credit price
  3. We grade items A/B/C off of the condition, we base the price off of that
  4. We don’t haggle over prices
  5. Just like you don’t have to sell, we don’t have to buy everything that comes in. While we have a great track record of offering more than most places would, we do get customers from time to time who think the value of their collection is far higher than we value it, and that’s ok, we can only offer what we think it is worth. It doesn’t mean we don’t love you- it just means we might not value your scratched copy of Madden NFL 07 as much as you do.